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Why Do I Need a Website for My Business?

You probably already have a web page for your business.  It’s like your business card or store-front sign; it’s a necessity.

Does it really bring in more customers for you?  Can you even track who visits your site?  Is your site from the mid-2009?  If so, a lot has changed, but some things have stayed the same.

Chances are you have the basics of your business information: core-focus, hours, contact info, location, etc.

But that doesn’t drive internet traffic to your business.  Aside from the people driving by your storefront, the internet is how people find your business.

Mobile is how they do it these days.  40%-60% of your visitors are visiting on a mobile device.  Is your site mobile friendly?

myTech.Today creates custom websites to your business’s needs

Every site we design is mobile friendly.

We provide the internet solution to your business’s problems.  It’s about more than just a website with your basic info.  It’s about communicating with your customer and pulling them to your business over all others.

Some people just want their current site updated to a mobile-friendly version, with the same info.  Other want to update and re-stylize their business around the latest and greatest, flat design styles, showcasing their business to the world.  We can create a full eCommerce solution for you.  If you want a special, custom, program that coordinates your sales database info with your site, we can do that too!

Our Design Principals:

1-page layout - It's easy to read on mobile devices; no more 'fat fingers' on the buttons.  It's as user-friendly as possible; just swipe.  (if you really insist, we can add a few more pages...just sayin')

Analytics, obviously! - Who visited your site? On what type of computer or phone?  Did they buy something?  Where is your customers' geographic region?  What's their demographics?  Who are they?  Basically, how can you sell more to them again?

Professional Design - Symmetrical, evenly spaced, correct use of negative space, images that don't stretch, etc.

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Call to Action on every page!

It needs to load fast.  Do you wait around for slow loading web pages or do you move on, especially on mobile?  Be honest!

Protected and Secure - We install and maintain the services that secure your site from foreign hackers, preventing your site from spewing out spam and malicious code.

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